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  • This book aims to share the outcome of a series of scientific events, the goal of which was to identify – from a diachronic perspective – the socio-legal consequences of technologies and the foundations of their pre-eminence in public discourse. These two facets of technology are not unrelated; the pre-eminence of a society-wide technological narrative necessarily entails consequences on the law and what it seeks to achieve.

    References to artificial intelligence (AI) and its disruptive effects have pervaded recent public discourse. Evidently not free of hidden marketing agendas, it is however surprising to observe a nearly ubiquitous participation in this discourse.

    This book’s contributors recognize the formidable potential of AI, but remain equally aware of the corresponding risks; lack of transparency, systemic bias, discrimination, false positives, and privacy violations are only a few among the many risks examined throughout this book.

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