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Date de parution : 2008-01-01

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This collection provides a rich analysis of key issues of administrative law and justice. Written by leading voices from academia,the judiciary and the administrative justice community, this collection of essays offers insight from empirical, theoretical and doctrinal perspectives.

"The publication of this volume gives these excellent papers the wider readership which they richly deserve.All interested in administrative justice in Canada are indebted to the authors and editors ...for this timely,stimulating,and informative collection."

- JUSTICE JOHN M.EVANS, Federal Court of Appeal.

Laverne A.Jacobs is a law professor at the University of Windsor.

Justice Anne L.Mactavish is a judge of the Federal Court.


Bill Black, University of British Columbia, Faculty of Law.

Philip Bryden, University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Law.

Aloke Chatterjee, University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Law.

Michael Gottheil,Human Rights, Tribunal of Ontario.

France Houle, Université de Montréal, Faculty of Law.

Laverne Jacobs, University of Windsor, Faculty of Law.

David Phillip Jones,Q.C., de Villars Jones.

Thomas Kuttner, University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Law.

David Mullan,Queen's University, Faculty of Law.

Lorne Sossin, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law.

Michael Uhlmann, Government of Ontario.

Kevin Whitaker, Ontario Labour Relations Board.


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